Beaumaris — 2015

Eleven is a home that harks back to post war modernism & the ‘Case Study House’ program from the West Coast of the USA. Reflecting a time where homes were created to encourage simple beauty and not clad in fancy materials for the sake of something different. We can all relate to that noticeable smell that comes off a new car or fresh paint, these air pollutants are referred to as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are in fact unhealthy chemicals. This building project stems from an uncompromising Eco attitude and consciously intends to reduce or eliminate VOC levels so we can all breathe easy. Challenging most existing standards in Australia with its approach and method, this home echoes sustainable living, adopting green building ideas as a source of inspiration from across the globe.

‘Eleven’ is best described a passive single-level home that delivers a kind-of organic space, calming by nature, efficient in every way and visually connected while respecting individual space for further privacy. This unique C-shaped footprint engulfs outdoor space as a source of serenity, blurring the line between outdoor and indoor as it delivers a chic resort-feel. The solitude created in this urban getaway is intentional, it stems from exact planning and allows you to cocoon yourself, privacy means you are unaware of neighbors other than enjoying tree vistas from surrounds, at the same time it easily morphs into an all-round entertainer. Wanting to design a passive and thoughtful home, the owners engaged a designer and builder with a vision to build something individual and pure. Not interested in following trends, this project is about creating something that is the right fit for their family based on life principles and a preference for natural products. 

Location Beaumaris
Client N/A
Status Completed
Date Summer 2015


Builder Knight Building Group
Structural Engineer Nsient Engineering